How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

Setup Tips and Safety for Bass Boat Racing    

Mercury Introduces a New Motor for F1 Tunnel Boat Racing

Tunnel Boat Racing's Future in  SST 120 , SST 60 and SST 45 

Setup Tips and Safety for Bass Boat Racing  

APBA OPC racing truly needs a new and easy  way to bridge the gap between boat racing and the general boating public .... I think lots of people can relate to driving a bass boat and might take the first step to join the APBA and learn about boat racing ; if there was a OPC racing class for bass boats

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How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

Mercury and OMC outboards have spent millions of dollars and have put thousands of man hours into APBA outboard    tunnel hull OPC boat racing  ; in America ; over the years to make OPC outboard tunnel boat racing the great success that it is ... Anyone that has ever  raced a OPC outboard tunnel hull  in APBA  OPC outboard boat racing owes Mercury and OMC a debt of gratitude to them for supporting the sport we love .... However .... Times change because of economics and different priorities ...... OMC outboards stopped making  SST 100,  SST 60 and SST 45 outboard motors for tunnel boat racing over 25 years ago ( from what I can remember ) ..... No doubt ; Mercury and OMC outboards will never return to make lite weight 2 cycle outboard racing motors again  ; in America ;  for drivers to learn about boat racing with in these beginners classes . 

 OMC's ;  SST 60 class has almost completely died off  ; in America ; partly because ; from what I have read on their Face Book page  ;  the racers can not find gear case parts for these old  antique  OMC SST 60 racing motors  .. No other motor is legal for the SST 60 tunnel boat racing class other than the special built SST 60 OMC racing motor ... The old SST 45  tunnel boat racing class is still hanging on  with one aftermarket OMC motor builder and  OMC part builder ; .... I don't think there's any OMC factory support for this special OMC SST 45 racing motor  .... These 25 year old APBA tunnel hull racing classes for OMC outboards could continue on for many years longer for the handful of racers that want to keep these old ;  SST 60 and SST 45 classes ;  for OMC  motors going ...The sad truth is that  APBA  OPC tunnel hull boat racing is totally dying out  ; in America ; because of all of this .


Finding one of those  old  antique  SST 45 ;  OMC racing motors ; makes  joining APBA  OPC tunnel boat racing almost impossible for those that are new to the sport and don't know about  OPC tunnel hull boat racing  ; in America  ... This special OMC SST 45 racing motor that is the one and only legal engine that can be raced in SST 45 class tunnel  boat racing...APBA tunnel hull racing needs make rule changes to include modern " environmentally friendly " outboards to make it easier for people that are new to OPC tunnel boats to find outboard motors and parts for them  .... APBA  OPC tunnel hull boat racing's new rules for these modern " environmentally friendly " outboards should  be built from a tunnel boats length ; weight ; and a outboard motors ‘ cubic inches and use the popular modern Mercury 60 racing motor that is used in Europe  ....  Why won't APBA  make a class for this Mercury 60 racing motor to get  new people interested in tunnel boat racing to grow the sport  in America ? 

APBA  OPC tunnel hull boat racing  ; in America ; also needs a list of modern outboard motors ; that could be found at any Mercury and OMC outboard marina ; for the general public to buy ; that would be legal for each new modern  OPC tunnel hull boat racing  class ... APBA  OPC tunnel hull boat racing should allow Mercury and OMC outboard motors  to race against each other head to head and have the best OMC or Mercury  outboard motor and the best tunnel hull racing driver win … The only thing that could be altered on these modern " environmentally friendly "  APBA  outboard motor classes  would be for OPC tunnel hull boat racing  to allow the drivers to add aftermarket nose cones and mid sections to make them more like a Mercury or OMC  racing outboard motor for APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull boat  classes .


 Without this change APBA OPC tunnel hull boat racing  ; in America ; will be stuck forever in the past with these 25 year old SST tunnel hull outboard boat racing classes in APBA OPC  SST 60 and SST 45  and the sport will die out  .... APBA tunnel hull boat racing needs a  to allow the new  Mercury 60 motor for racing  ;  or build classes from outboard motors that can be easily found at any local Mercury and OMC outboard motor marina that could be used for new modern tunnel boat classes for  APBA  OPC tunnel hull racing's future .

Tunnel Boat Racing's Future in SST 120 , SST 60 and SST 45  

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 The photos above show an inventive way you could make a short shaft midsection out of Chrome Moly or DOM tubing ... This idea would work for any sized horsepower for  OMC , Mercury , Yamaha ; or any other modern outboard make or model  for APBA tunnel hull racing .. If you don't like the looks of the raw tubing for a Mercury or OMC racing motor ; you could always make a nicely painted cover to hide this tubing ; out of a sheet of aluminum or stainless steel .. A aluminum or stainless steel cover for this would also help keep the loud exhaust noise down .. There are also companies out there that can shorten midsections from a long shaft outboard motor to a short shaft outboard motor … Check out ……​​

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This Australian built safety capsule for this V hulled racing boat is designed to easily slide under the dashboard  ; without doing any cutting or fiberglass work to the boat ….. This style of ; slide in under the dash ; capsule would be perfect for my idea for a new APBA OPC class for Circle Track Bass Boat Racing

 To make a new type of capsule like this here in America ; from scratch ; would be for someone that’s into making fiberglass molds and making lite weight vacuum bagged fiberglass parts …..

 In the American Power Boat Association rule book for the OPC tunnel hull boat racing category  ……In the Outboard Performance Craft rules for safety capsules ( reinforced cockpits  ) ; the  layup requirements for materials and some of the required dimensions  for head clearance , flotation and other details for safety for all certified American Power Boat Association OPC racing tunnel hull boat  capsules are listed …..…/files/documents/2016%20OPC%20Rules.pdf .

 If you build your own capsule for bass boat racing ; the APBA  American Power Boat Association OPC tunnel hull boat  racing  rule book gives you the details on how to get your safety capsule   ( reinforced cockpit  ) certified and approved for American Power Boat Association OPC boat racing