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Start a hi-performance outboard bass boat club to put on top series tour races and fishing league tournaments when you aren't APBA fast high speed racing

How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing

Circle Track Bass Boat Racing isn't a racing class yet so this photo is the best that I can do to show what a Allison boat would look like with a APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull safety capsule in it ... I think Allison uses the same hull ; that they use for their 2002 bass boat and use a different deck on it for drag racing ... I think a Allison 2002 bass boat would look really cool with a APBA  OPC circle track racing tunnel hull safety capsule in it bolted to the floor !

Racing Boat Club Ideas - Circle Track Bass Boat Racing

Setup Tips and Safety for Racing 

Tunnel Hull Boat Racing's Future

Tunnel Hull Boat Racing's Future

The circle track boats  above are the APBA Tri-hull racing class ....They used roll cages and have a top end speed of 65 mph ...This class is very popular in Texas ; but I think these boat hulls would be very hard to find elsewhere .

Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing

How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

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The circle track boats pictured above raced in Mod VP class ; in the 1980's ; and they used a APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull safety capsule ( reinforced Cockpit ) bolted to the floor .These safety capsules can survive a 130 mph Formula One APBA  OPC circle track racing tunnel hull  high speed blow over accident and the driver usually walks away ... Screaming Eagle Boats builds circle track APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull boat safety capsules (reinforced cockpits ) that can be used in your Circle Track Racing Bass Boat ..They are race setup experts and can do all the rigging for you or can advise you on setups for your safety capsule for boat racing  ...... Screaming Eagle Boats 227 Water Ave Bellefontaine, Ohio @screamingeagleboatsllc Call (937) 292-7674 Todd Lamb

Setup Tips and Safety for Racing

These are my ideas  for making a new circle track racing class for APBA OPC's future using bass boats for a easy and practical way for new drivers to learn the sport  .....   All makes of bass boats can go circle track racing against each other ; in the 70 mph Group C ....80 mph Group B ....or 90 mph Group A ....During circle track race practice and setup time ; It will be all about adjusting your foot pedal throttle stop to get as close to a break out timed lap speed for A , B , and C circle track racing groups posted by the officials at the race site for the final break out qualifying session without going over the posted timed circle track lap speed to determine who races against each other in the 3 lap heat races and 15 lap main events in each circle track racing group ; A , B . and C ......During the race the circle track APBA OPC bass boat racing drivers can not go faster then their timed qualifying lap speed without being penalized by the race committee .... This will keep drivers from sandbagging during breakout qualifying .

I think this ; break out timed lap ;idea will work better for APBA OPC circle track bass boat racing than choosing the competition by how much horsepower a boat has on it ; ...This timed lap idea is to keep a heavy Ranger bass boat that goes 70 mph with a 225 horsepower motor from being pitted against a super lite Allison bass boat that goes over 90 mph that uses the same 225 horsepower motor ....... See more rules and ideas on my other pages .

 For APBA OPC circle track championship series club races ...start a  APBA OPC circle track bass boat club to conduct championship tour circle track bass boat club races  and maybe some  pro bass club fishing  tournaments for your non racing club members when your circle track bass boat club isn't  racing .

The beauty and peace  of the outdoors in a  bass boat fishing club tournament is completely different from the action packed excitement of a  racing club series for circle track racing bass boats in front of a cheering crowd of spectators ..... Both are wonderful ways to have fun on the water ... But I feel ; because of the extreme differences of the two activities ; I don't feel APBA OPC Circle Track Bass Boat Club Racing and  Pro Bass Boat Fishing Club Series Tournaments  should be combined in any way and should be enjoyed for all they have to offer at totally different locations and totally different weekends . 

To conduct a APBA  OPC  racing club series event...Start and Register your circle track bass  boat  racing club with APBA  OPC racing   ( American Power Boat Association ) 

Collect APBA OPC circle track bass boat racing series club member ship fees to use for circle track bass boat races and fishing club tournament  events for non racing club members .

Contact your state visitors bureau .... Get a list of state fairs and events on the water ... See if the site is suitable for a one mile or slightly shorter circle track  for a APBA  OPC racing  bass boat series club race the event top club organizer and top local authorities for their approval ... contact the fire department for volunteers for scuba diving rescue for overturned  circle track APBA OPC club racing  bass boats ....

Contact the top local conservation department for approval for the APBA OPC circle track bass boat series club racing site and their help for boat lake traffic crowd control if necessary .... Also secure an ambulance to be on site .

Get your pro circle track bass boat club  race sanctioned through the APBA ( American Powerboat Association )  OPC racing series  .... They will supply rules for the club series event , approve the circle track race course lay out and provide event insurance .... They will list your APBA  OPC racing  circle track series club event on the APBA  boat racing club calendar so other APBA  OPC racing circle track bass boat  series club racers will know about your clubs event and compete in it .

Promote  your APBA  OPC circle track bass boat racing club series race ... use their local media to get the word out .... Have your club  members promote your APBA  OPC circle track bass boat racing  club with vinyl lettering on their  bass boats that promotes your APBA OPC circle track bass boat racing club and  bass fishing series club along with an Email address for all to see on or off the water to draw new drivers and crew members to your circle track APBA  OPC racing  bass boat racing club and  pro  bass boat  fishing  series club .

Conduct APBA  OPC racing Pro Bass Boat Series Club  Circle Track Race ... Collect entry fees from  racing tour  drivers to pay for APBA ( American Power Boat Association ) club  sanctioning fees .... Work with the town to get extra prize money....Have ; non-racing  bass boat fishing series  club  members   , along with the Lions club , Moose club , or Elks club volunteers ; to help control basic crowd and pit activity ... Your non racing fishing tour  bass boat club members can also handle the circle track racing  course set up and crash boat rescue to help tow disabled circle track racing bass boats or help upright  overturned  circle track racing  bass boats .... A fun and exciting day can be had by all your  APBA OPC Bass Boat Racing Club and Bass Boat  Pro Fishing Series  Club members and their  families ! ! !

Contact local news with your circle track APBA  OPC racing  bass boat club race results


​If you like the idea of APBA OPC Circle Track Bass Boat Racing please contact your regional APBA OPC  racing clubs and help build a new circle track boat racing class for bass boats . Click the links below ; to see the places they race at ... The members of these circle track boat racing clubs are great down to earth guys and I'm sure they will be there to help guide you along the way to get started in circle track boat racing ......   NGK Formula One Powerboat Championship Series.  APR ...( power boat super league )  is in New Martinsville  West Virginia   .....  From Alexandria  Ohio the  Power Boat Nationals   ....   In Deerwood  Minnesota the Twin City Power Boat Assoc  ..