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Circle Track Bass Boat Racing isn't a racing class yet so this photo is the best that I can do to show what a Allison boat would look like with a safety capsule in it ... I think Allison uses the same hull ; that they use for their 2002 bass boat and use a different deck on it for drag racing ... I think a Allison 2002 bass boat would look really cool with a safety capsule in it bolted to the floor !

Pro Bass Boat Racing - How Fast Is Your Bass Boat ?

The way to go APBA club top championship tour powerboat racing could be your fishing tournament series league high speed outboard motor hi-performance boat

Safety Capsule Idea for a Bass Boat

How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

Setup Tips and Safety for Racing  

Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing

BUY A SAFETY CAPSULE FROM SCREAMING EAGLE BOATS ....V hulled racing classes have used a OPC tunnel boat safety capsule bolted to the floor... I discussed the installation of a tunnel boat capsule in a racing bass boat with one of the top F 1 tunnel boat builders and he thinks a capsule can be mounted to the false floor of a bass boat by using four 15 inch aluminum  triangle side supports bolted to  sides of the capsule  and floor around the seat area  …. He feels the capsule should be moved back a foot or two from the original seat location to compensate for the extra weight of the capsule ….Even in a serious accident ; I feel the driver will be completely protected even if the capsule is torn from the boat  ; if the capsule has the proper flotation in it . 
Screaming Eagle Boats builds OPC tunnel boat safety capsules (reinforced cockpits ) that can be used in your Racing Bass Boat .... Todd Lamb is a certified builder of safety capsules by the American Power Boat Racing Association .....
Screaming Eagle Boats 227 Water Ave Bellefontaine, Ohio @screamingeagleboatsllc Call (937) 292-7674 Todd Lamb
Along with all the outboard racing boat safety rules for that are standard in APBA (American Powerboat Association ) OPC (Outboard Performance Craft ) outboard tunnel boat racing .... Anyone could go outboard racing that has a bass boat ....

The  boats  above are the APBA Tri-hull racing series  ... They used roll cages and have a fast top end speed of 65 mph

Circle  Track  Bass  Boat  Racing - How  Fast  Is  Your  Bass  Boat ?

Safety Capsule Idea for a Bass Boat

Bass Boat Racing Safety and Set Up

​​​​​​​​​​​​How fast does your bass boat go ? ..70 even 80 ? ...Have you ever dreamed about pro tour series boat racing but you can't afford to buy special  high horsepower racing series equipment ? ...The answer for your need for speed to go pro champion tour short track  series racing could be the older " slightly used "  high speed  high performance bass boat in your own back yard ... All you would need to go top-end speed boat racing is to add a high speed sprint car type roll cage or safety capsule to your tour series fast pro  bass boat with a , foot pedal , racing numbers for the side of your  fast high performance pro bass boat ;  some holes drilled above your cavitation plate so your high horsepower  high performance series  outboard  will make some noise like a fast tour series race boat and a few other odds a ends for set-up and safety and your ready to go top-end series racing with your  high end performance bass boat ..When you aren't  fast top end pro boat racing ...Just take out the  roll cage or safety capsule ..I 'm sure some of you could find a way to make the switch from fast high end horsepower racing boat to champion tournament fishing boat easy to switch back and fourth.The American Powerboat Association  will help develop rules for your tour series fast top end hi-performance bass boat .

If you like the idea of Circle Track Bass Boat Racing please contact your regional APBA racing clubs and help build a new boat racing class for bass boats . Click the links below ; to see the places they race at ... The members of these clubs are great down to earth guys and I'm sure they will be there to help guide you along the way to get started in boat racing ......

North American Speedboat Federation is from Richmond,TX.                                                       APR ( power boat super league ) is in New Martinsville West Virginia
Power Boat Nationals in Alexandria Ohio
Twin City Power Boat Assoc In Deerwood Minnesota                                                                                      USF1 Powerboat in Miami Florida                     

I'm hoping that high speed oval champ tour series racing on one mile race tracks and shorter for fast hi-performance bass boat racing and  league series clubs will work on a local level with champion tour series pro speed boat racing events you can sanction and insure through the APBA  ( American Power Boat Racing Association )  club series  and will be included in county fairs , cardboard boat races , bass pro fishing tournament series club championships ; skiing club ; and fast high performance  jet ski tour series races as a part of the festival fun ..

For fast  APBA pro bass boat champ series racing safety the reinforced cockpit ( safety capsule ) is a must  for fast top end speed  hi-performance bass boats that go a top-end speed over 70 mph ....The safety capsule   was introduced for fast high horse powered Formula One champ series tunnel boats in the 1980 's and later made mandatory  for all  champ series fast high speed  tunnel boat classes ....Some injuries  have happened in high performance capsule boats ; However incidents like this are extremely rare ...Most champ tour series drivers can walk away from a top end speed 130 mph champion Formula one boat wreck ; with out a scratch ...Safety cells have been used in high horse powered  APBA Mod V P series race boats in the past and I think they will easily fit in a fast high performance pro bass boat  too . In fast top-end speed hi-performance bass boats that will race in the C sprint and C main  races that go a top end speed under 70 mph I think most accidents will be spin outs and collisions in turns and a champ fast high speed stock car series type roll cage might work fine ...The  APBA s series club safety committee would be the best judge of that . 

When practicing and mastering the handling of your fast  high performance series tour bass  boat to prepare yourself for APBA  tour series club high performance speed boat racing ... I think you should have your fast high horsepower bass boat outfitted  with a safety capsule and you should wear your helmet and life jacket and have your seat belt on so you will be familiar with fast top end speed driving like that and It would be for your protection while practicing top end speed driving your fast hi-performance high horsepower bass boat to its limit before you go pro APBA champion tour series speed boat racing for the first time ............If your fast high horsepower champ series high performance pro bass  boat complies with APBA safety rules and your high end performance boat  passes safety inspection ; you can expect to have a fun , safe and enjoyable  day at the fast  APBA  tour series champion club races .

The only rules for fast high performance top end outboards is that they are an outboard speed  boat motor that is sold through normal channels to the general public with a minimum of 1500 manufactured ....Other than that ... anything goes and there won't be any rules for fast hi-performance high horsepower series outboard motors ... All top end horsepower mods are legal  and all manufactures can race against each other ... NO MOTOR RULES  ? ... HOW CAN THAT BE !!!!......There are so many fast high top end horsepower outboard models and manufactures over all the years ; that it would be impossible to  have speck sheets for all of them .... and a lot of fast high speed bass boaters already have modified their top end high horsepower  motors ....So how can they compete against each other and put on a speed boat race ? .....In champ tour series fast sprint car racing they have a tier system that is based on  top fastest speed single lap qualifying , ....This  pits top champion tour series sprint cars that turn similar speed  lap times to race against each other in sprint races .... Each speed group is determined by the race committee whether each fastest speed champ tour series sprint car should race in group A , B, or C that leads to their feature race for each group ....The fastest high performance champ tour sprint cars usually start their races in inverted order to work though their ladder system and have a break out time based on their qualifying lap to keep the fastest  championship series  high speed sprint car tour drivers from sandbagging and later running away with the races in their group ...

 When it comes to fast  hi-performance tournament bass boat racing and this champion tour series sprint car tier system ... It's all about top lap speed not horsepower ..So its unlikely that high performance high end horse powered  series  bass  boats that are a  heavy Ranger high performance bass boat with a high horsepower stock motor that goes a top end speed of 70 mph for Group C would be pitted against a fast  lite weight high performance Bullet , or fast high speed Allison top performance bass boats with fast hi-performance top horse powered outboard motors that can go a top-end speed over 100 mph for Group A.

To even out the series tour competition a break out qualifying top speed time for a lap for series groups A , B , and  C ; could be posted by the race series committee ...The  competitors can adjust their foot pedal throttle stops to achieve a slower top end speed qualifying lap time than the fastest posted break out time during practice before series tour qualifying .... Perhaps the foot peddle throttle  stop can be adjusted on the fly by using a small motorized push rod  and a toggle switch mounted  on the steering wheel to get as close to the posted breakout qualifying lap time as possible before the start of the race ... This will keep the competition close and will be all about the racing driver's  skills to become the high performance pro bass boat series championship race winner at the end of the day  ..... If there aren't enough fast high speed  APBA  championship tour series hi-performance high horsepower bass boats for each series qualifying group , these groups might have to be combined to put on a show .

 I was hoping to keep the class for high horsepower tour series  Bass Boat Racing for traditional fast high performance  V bottomed  high performance bass  boats ... APBA would have to come up rules that would define what a top end high performance series bass boat is .... It would no doubt be defined as a fast high speed performance V hulled boat that is listed and sold to the general public by the boat manufacture as a  "bass boat " .... No doubt APBA would specify that the hi-performance  top end horse powered  speed boat manufacture would have sold over 100 or more of their listed high performance top end horse powered "bass boat" they sell to make it eligible for fast high speed APBA  regional club champ series bass boat racing...This would eliminate one of a kind fast top-end high performance high end  horsepower racing hulls ....Also ; at the regional clubs champion tour series speed boat races ; the owner must show he has registered his fast  high speed boat as a  "bass boat" for its state boat license number for hi-performance speed boating....

For a top end tour series  bass  boat race ; a qualifying lap ; a couple of fast 3 lap sprint  races , and a fast 15 lap feature main series  boat race for A ,B , and C groups would work fine ..... All the champ series  fast high speed tour bass  boats would have radios and would line up ; in rows of 2 side by side like top end champ tour series stock cars  ;  in inverted order with the fastest  high performance outboard  pro series tour bass boats in the back .... When the huge pack of over 20 APBA fast high horse powered pro series bass boats  slowly enter the starting box ; between the turn 4 buoy and the start finish line ; The starting cannon fires ; The green flag waves ; and the crowd comes screaming to their feet ;as the words GREEN ! GREEN ! GREEN ! comes over the radios to the fast high speed  series tour bass boat drivers radios and the fast mad dash to the first turn begins !!!

This way of starting is familiar to most champ series tour stock car auto racing  fans and is a economical way to conduct a fast high speed pro series bass boat club race ..... Expensive starting docks with event crippling staging times are used in other top forms of  APBA series club  fast high speed top end racing series ; ... However ; they aren't practical  for low budget entry level fast high end pro bass  boat tour club  races at the local county fair

If you want to put on a sanctioned  championship tour club series race through APBA  ( American Powerboat Racing Association ) tour club who would pay for it ? .... The drivers entry fees would be the main support for this and trophies for this fast hi-performance top end series class ....

Could the future of fast circle track  pro  bass boat series racing be successful ? .... YES !!! ... Like NASCAR'S fast  high speed stock car racing tour and fast high speed truck champion racing  series ; fast top speed performance  high horsepower bass boats are very popular with all Americans ... Major prize money could come from the same businesses that promote the huge prize funds at high end bass fishing tournament series championships


​Please join the APBA ( American Power Boat Association )  as a champion series regional club member if you have an interest in top end champ  series hi-performance Bass Boat  Series Circle Track racing ..... Ask the APBA  series regional clubs and use your votes  as a  regional clubs member of the ( American Powerboat Racing Association )  series to develop this fast top end speed new  circle track  pro  boat racing class for high top-end performance outboard  bass boats  so everyone that likes a fast high end horse powered pro bass boat can enjoy  this fun and wonderful sport of high performance  outboard powerboat series racing .. See more boat racing tips on each of my pages .....GREEN !! GREEN !! GREEN !!


How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing