Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing

The circle track racing boats pictured above raced in Mod VP class ; in the 1980's ; and they used a APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull safety capsule ( reinforced Cockpit ) bolted to the floor .... These safety capsules can survive a  high speed APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull  130 mph Formula One tunnel boat high speed blow over accident and the driver  usually walks away  

Bass Boat Racing Safety and Set Up

How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

How To Conduct a Bass Boat Race

I have two tunnel hull racing boat builders that are both excellent to choose from for a safety capsule… I think you could ; no doubt ; buy their safety approved modern tunnel boat safety capsules separately that can be trimmed to fit ; with a little work and planning ; in most boats  … Check with these experts for the best way to bolt this in and the best location for balance to keep your boat from being nose heavy… or ……. Both makes of finished tunnel boats are beautiful to look at and have won lots of races …. Check out their Facebook pages !!!!

Tunnel Hull Boat Racing's Future

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​These are my Ideas for rules  ( that you can use where you live ) for a new practical way to start circle track boat racing with old bass boats ….. The only rules for your outboard motors is that they are  sold through normal channels to the general public with a minimum of 1500 manufactured ....Other than that ... anything goes and there won't be any rules for circle track bass boat racing  outboard motors ... All  horsepower mods are legal  and all manufactures can race against each other ... NO MOTOR RULES !!! ….. HOW CAN THAT BE POSIBLE ? !!!

There are so many different  horse powered outboard models and manufactures over all the years ; that it would be impossible to  have speck sheets for all of them for inspection .... and a lot of pro bass boaters already have modified their  high horsepower  motors ....So how can they compete against each other and put on a Bass Boat Race ?

Here's my idea on how to make this all work .... All makes of bass boats can go circle track racing against each other ; in the 70 mph Group C ....80 mph Group B ....or 90 mph Group A ....During circle track race practice and setup time ; It will be all about adjusting your foot pedal throttle stop to get as close to a break out GPS timed lap speed for A , B , and C circle track racing groups posted by the officials at the race site for the final break out qualifying session without going over the posted timed lap speed to determine who races against each other in the 3 lap heat races and 15 lap main events in each racing group ; A , B . and C ......During the race the circle track bass boat racing drivers can not go faster then their timed qualifying lap speed without being penalized by the race committee by telling the driver over his radio ; to slow down and allow the following boat behind to pass him for position … If the offending driver refuses to pull over ; he will stop being scored for the race …. This will keep drivers from sandbagging during breakout qualifying ....  

I think this ; GPS break out timed lap ; idea will work better for  circle track bass boat racing than choosing the competition by how much horsepower a boat has on it ; ...This timed lap idea is to keep a heavy Ranger bass boat that goes 70 mph with a 225 horsepower motor from being pitted against a super lite Allison bass boat that goes over 90 mph that uses the same 225 horsepower motor … I think all new circle track bass boat racing drivers should learn  circle track bass boat racing in the 70 mph Group C Bass Boat Racing class for at least one season before moving up to Group B or Group A ; by using their throttle stop for this ; regardless of how fast their boat can go without their throttle stop slowing them down  . 

Perhaps the foot peddle throttle  stop can be adjusted on the fly by using a small motorized push rod  and a toggle switch mounted  on the steering wheel to get as close to the posted breakout qualifying lap time as possible before the start of the race ... This will keep the competition close and will be all about the circle track bass boat racing driver's  skills to become the race winner at the end of the day  .....   

My idea for a  circle track  bass  boat race would be ; a qualifying lap ; a couple of fast 3 lap sprint  races , and a 15 lap feature bass boat   race for A ,B , and C groups would work fine ..... All the circle track racing bass  boats would have radios and would line up ; in rows of 2 side by side like Nascar stock cars  ;  in inverted order with the fastest circle track racing  bass boats in the back .... When the huge pack of over 20  circle track bass boats  slowly enter the starting box ; between the turn 4 buoy and the start finish line ; The starting cannon fires ; The green flag waves ; and the crowd comes screaming to their feet ;as the words GREEN ! GREEN ! GREEN ! comes over the radios to the circle track racing bass boat drivers radios and the  mad dash to the first turn begins 

This way of starting is familiar to most NASCAR stock car auto racing  fans and is a economical way to conduct a  circle track bass boat club race .....

If you want to put on a sanctioned  circle track club race through APBA  ( American Powerboat Racing Association ) OPC racing .... who would pay for it ? .... The drivers entry fees would be the main support for this and trophies for this circle track bass boat racing class .... See my ideas on conducting a boat race on page 3

Could the future of   circle track  bass boat  racing be successful ? .... YES !!! ... Like NASCAR'S stock car racing tour and  truck champion racing  series  ; circle track racing  bass boats could be relatable and familiar  with the general public ... Major prize money could come from the same businesses that promote the huge prize funds at  bass fishing tournaments


Here are some regional  circle track racing clubs  . Click the links below ; to see the places they race at ... The members of these clubs are great down to earth guys and I'm sure they will be there to help guide you along the way to get started in boat racing


 NGK Formula One Powerboat Championship Series.
APR (power boat super league ) is in New Martinsville West Virginia
Power Boat Nationals in Alexandria Ohio
Twin City Power Boat Assoc In Deerwood Minnesota    

For  circle track bass boat  racing idea for safety the APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull reinforced cockpit ( safety capsule ) is a must  for  circle track bass boats that go a top-end speed over 70 mph ....The APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull safety capsule   was introduced for APBA  OPC circle track racing tunnel hull Formula One boats in the 1980 's and later made mandatory  for all APBA  OPC circle track racing tunnel hull classes ....Some injuries  have happened in APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull capsule boats ; However incidents like this are extremely rare ...Most APBA  OPC circle track racing tunnel hull drivers can walk away from a 130 mph APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull Formula one boat wreck ; with out a scratch ...APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull safety cells have been used in APBA Mod V P series circle track race boats in the past and I think they will easily fit in a circle track  bass boat  too . In  circle track bass boats that will race in the C sprint and C main  races that go a top end speed under 70 mph I think most accidents will be spin outs and collisions in turns and  stock car or ATV type roll cage might work fine ...The  APBA s  safety committee would be the best judge of that … These are theAPBA OPC Rules  for all of this .                   


Pro Bass Boat Racing - How Fast Is Your Bass Boat ?

The way to go APBA club top championship tour powerboat racing could be your fishing tournament series league high speed outboard motor hi-performance boat

Setup Tips and Safety for Racing  

New Racing Class Ideas - Circle Track Bass Boat Racing

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Circle Track Bass Boat Racing isn't a racing class yet so this photo is the best that I can do to show what a Allison boat would look like with a APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull  safety capsule in it ... I think Allison uses the same hull ; that they use for their 2002 bass boat and use a different deck on it for drag racing ... I think a Allison 2002 bass boat would look really cool with a safety APBA  OPC racing tunnel hull capsule in it bolted to the floor !

The  boats  above are the APBA  OPC Tri-hull racing series  ... They used roll cages and have a top end speed of 65 mph .... This class is very popular in Texas ; but I think these boat hulls would be very hard to find elsewhere .

Rules and Ideas for Bass Boat Racing

Tunnel Hull Boat Racing's Future